Get Back to Your Roots. We Make Agricultural Software Solutions that Work.

Software that works the way you’ve always wanted it to.

Located in Fresno, California, surrounded by one of the world's richest growing regions, Shift3 has a deep understanding of and care for the agricultural industry. We get it: you'd like technology to help you do your job better, but you don't want technology to become your job.

Our team can help you build custom inventory and account tools that connect to your existing systems. We can build dashboards that show and compare the data you're collecting at the well, in the field, and on your balance sheet. We don't build software for the sake of building software; we build software to solve problems for growers, processors, agronomists, packers, and shippers.

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Meet Jordan. She can help.

Jordan might have spent some time in New York and San Francisco, but her Valley roots run deep. She wants to walk your ranch, understand the problem you're trying to solve, and solve them. Jordan understands that software can't grow a tree or make it rain, but it can help you get more out of what you have.


Jordan Gustafson

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