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We want to take the vast information we have available and turn it into knowledge for our staff to leverage. The property portal Shift3 Technologies built for us makes that a reality.

John Stewart, CEO and PresidentPearson Realty

Their Obstacle

Pearson already had a wealth of data available to their staff but felt they could improve the interface where employees accessed it. An internal portal graphically displaying property details and trends would offer salespeople and clients insight into transactions not currently available with other firms. In addition to the need for the portal, Pearson Realty decided to update their current website.

Our Solution

For the property portal Shift3 Project Managers worked with Pearson staff to architect a solution that allows staff to easily update and view data in real time and to access comprehensive data on regions and individual properties with a single click. For the website, Pearson and Shift3 designed a new site with improved presentation, search engine placement, browser compatibility, and simpler content management.

The Results Speak For Themselves

The Pearson Realty property portal allows staff to easily enter and verify data in real time. The portal becomes doubly valuable by exposing the same information to Pearson Realty clients via the new website. The new site improves the visitor experience by functioning seamlessly on any browser or device, while increasing site traffic with enhanced search engine optimization features.

When Pearson Realty looks forward they see the need to continuously raise their standards for client service in a competitive market. Building their institutional knowledge at the staff level is a key factor. The property portal enables sales staff to hit the ground running or raise their game to a new level, ensuring that Pearson clients will always have access to the best-informed realty professionals in the business. 


Web based application allows users to instantly view dynamic property data.

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