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My foreign developers were good at certain things but struggled to understand my overarching goals. Time zone and language barriers made everything much harder. I brought Shift3 in at a critical juncture and everything got better. They took the time to understand, plan, and coordinate before executing at a very high level.

Sam Haginas, Founder & CEOTVPRO

Their Obstacle

TVPRO is the flagship product of Limitless Innovation out of Miami, Florida. It is an integrated set-top box that enables users to videoconference via a high resolution, secure platform. Sam Haginas, its founder was juggling product development, domestic marketing people, strategic partners, and foreign programmers. 

And, at critical milestones, software development wasn't where it needs to be. But how do you bring a new team onboard in the middle of a complex development effort? 

Our Solution

Good products are the result of good teamwork, not turf wars. Senior Shift3 technologists started by asking questions to understand the state of affairs. Once we understood what was going on we built a plan, delegated responsibilities, and made sure the ball was moving down the field.

Certain development remained overseas, while a team of Shift3 developers in Fresno, California was assigned to complete critically important software development.

By working together, TVPRO's software development is back on track.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Shift3 has the unique ability to deploy the complete software development team needed to make a technology project successful. We select teams based on both subject matter and technical expertise.

Here, the client needed a team that understood software and hardware; Android and JavaScript; Healthcare and Fitness. We built exactly that team and worked alongside TVPRO to reach it's goals.

“Failing to meet our development milestones wasn't an option anymore. We needed a team that had the technical expertise and manpower to catch us up. Shift3 built a team of project managers, Android developers, and web developers to fill existing gaps and reach key milestones." 

--Sam Haginas, Founder & CEO, TVPRO


TVPRO is an Fully-Integrated Video Conferencing Device that uses a Native Android Platform

Visit TVPRO's Website.

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