Helping Governments & Agencies Connect People to the Services they Need, Faster.


A lightweight web application that connects your people to essential services, in seconds.

Tablet with CityConnect

Match Needs to Resources & Services

Every government and agency invests in services to meet the needs to of the people they serve, but most struggle to connect people to services. CityConnect is an easy-to-use, web-based tool that empowers governments and agencies to search for resources based on the characteristics and needs of the constituent, identify and map matching services, and reserve space in the selected program. 

CityConnect removes the need for phone calls, research, and large amounts of valuable staff time spent matching people to services. Empower any member of your organization to connect people to available resources in your community, in seconds. 

Tablet CityConnect

Custom Search Criteria 

Search resources by characteristics that you define.

Tablet with CityConnect

Map & Reserve
Map matching resources, make a reservation, and text/e-mail directions.

Your Community Invests Millions of Dollars each Year in Social Services. How Effective are You in Connecting Your Constituents to those Services? 

Product Information

Government/Agency Features:

  • Customizable search criteria
  • Matching services returned as search results, instantly
  • Map matching services and e-mail or text directions to service recipient
  • View program availability and reserve space in program

Service Provider Features:

  • Customizable service provider profile
  • Show program availability in real time to communicate availability to referring governments/agencies
  • Keep your programs at ideal capacity
  • Reach more of the people that you set out to serve

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