Elegant and Intuitive Mobile Applicatons That Expand the Reach of Your business.

Native Apps Are More Than Just a New Screen Size, They're a New Use Case.

Mobile applications, typically for iOS or Android, require early decision-making around client goals, platform selection, cost, and software functionality to fully leverage the power of the hardware device. It can be a difficult path to navigate, but we use our experience with these technologies to help clients through this process.

Whether the app is for internal or customer-facing use we make sure it's exactly what you need to reach your goals.

Meet JP. He cares about your timeline and budget.

JP is something of a jigsaw-puzzle-master. First, he gets an understanding of the pieces--your business need, existing technology, your hopes and dreams, budget, and timeline. Then, he goes to work architecting a solution that makes everything fit together. The resulting app will be a pretty picture, even if it's not of Time Square or the Eiffel Tower. 

JP Prendergast

Examples of Our Custom Applications!


Pearl - Remember the Details

Built for Apple's IOS, Pearl connect is "the detail manager for anybody who needs to remember anything about anyone they know". This Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) allows the user to track vital customer contact information like phone numbers, emails, etc. real time and “on the go.” But it also helps users to record and remember the important little things that close sales, like where the customer went to school, interests, birthdays, goals, and even their favorite places to eat!



Oro Agri

Built for IOS and Android, Oro Agri's custom application is a sales tool for the in-the-field employees. The application is a searchable repository of all the company’s relevant documents ranging from application guides to product information. It is updates in real time and even functions on a built in database when the application is out of signal range.


Case Studies