Technology That Makes the Wheels of Justice Move Faster.

Our Solutions Don't Change Your Judicial Process, They Enhance It.

We build elegant, efficient, and useful technology solutions for courts. Our team understands that the workflow of a court is intricate, purposeful, and rigid by necessity. As such, the first step in a software development project for a court is to understand the existing workflow, personnel, and overall landscape. Once we know that, we can build a software solution that fits your unique needs. 

Our experienced delivery team has built case management systems, anti-recidivism dashboards, court data analysis tools, and file storage solutions. 


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Meet Jake. He's our founder... and an attorney.

Jake is a fixer. It doesn't matter if it's a blown-out tire or a broken city, he wants to fix it. He's done two things in his career: practice law and use tech to fix stuff. Jake might not practice anymore, but he leads our Court Technology team in fixing problems that face courts around the country. Plus, it kinda makes him feel like he's still in the club...

Jake Soberal

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