Smart, Secure Technology Solutions for the Financial Industry.

Software that keeps you at the cutting edge, security that keeps you away from the cliff's edge.

Technology in today's financial industry is a complex animal. Your customers are demanding more access and convenience than ever before, and your shareholders want you to grab the market share that goes along with it. Meanwhile, you spend your mornings reading headlines littered with data security breaches. How you supposed to balance the two? For starters, we can help. We build software that achieves the efficiency that customers demand with the highest available security standards. Our job is to keep you above the fold in the Business section, but off of the front page.


Meet Mario. He can read a quarterly report, and make your tech solution a reality.

Mario has spent more than 30 years in and around the tech side of the financial services industry. He understands the importance of efficiency and data security. Whether it's insurance, banking, or compliance, Mario is passionate about building reliable technology that solves real world problems. 

Mario Soberal

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