Connect Underhoused & Homeless to Housing Services, While Collecting Data You Need.


Making the data that you collect about the underhoused and homeless immediately actionable


Close the Information-to-Action Loop

The world of public health is filled with competing imperatives. You have to collect data to sustain funding and impact policy, and you have to connect people to housing. For most public health agencies, these are very separate functions. ContinuumConnect closes the gap by mapping the data you collect to criteria that matches the respondent to housing services in your community, instantly. The data collected is stored for tracking, aggregating, and reporting, and the respondent is one step closer to sustainable housing.

Tablet with HousingConnect

Collect & Report Data
Build and administer custom surveys. Aggregate, analyze, and report data collected.

Tablet with Housing Connect

Take Action
Immediately match people to housing resources in your community.

What would it look like if every member of your organization could collect meaningful data and immediately connect underhoused and homeless to the services they need?


Product Information

Build Custom Surveys. Feature-rich, easy-to-use survey builder lets you build surveys in minutes. All surveys are mobile-responsive for easy use on mobile devices in the field. 

Aggregate & Report Data. Aggregate survey response data for insight, analysis, and reporting.

Matching. Match respondents to local services based on eligibility and availability. 

Map Services. Leverage the Google Maps engine to show location of all matching services, together with pins and pop-outs for additional information. 

Make a Reservation. Reserve space in and/or request transportation from matching programs.

Service Provider Profiles. Customizable profiles show detailed information about providers and programs.

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