Expert Developers, Analysts, and PMs in Fresno, Ready to Join Your Team.

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We deploy highly-skilled developers, analysts, and project managers individually and in teams to meet the needs of our clients.

Need additional talent, but not ready to hire an FTE? We can help. Need 3 or 32 developers to push past a milestone? No problem. Our team is both skilled and versatile, with resources in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, .Net, Java, HTML, CSS, iOS, Android, and more. 100-percent of the technologists on our team are humans, located in Fresno, California, that speak fluent English.

We have built and augmented short and long-term teams for client's ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500 firms.


Meet Mario. He has the drones you're looking for.

Mario likes Star Wars, a lot. Crazy, right, a tech-guy being into Star Wars? Mario also likes building teams that are designed to meet a specific need, your specific need. He excels at identifying exactly the people and skillsets you'll need to succeed. 

Mario Soberal

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