Shift3 is comprised of decent human beings who love using technology to help you solve problems and reach your goals. 


Jake A. Soberal | CEO

Jake is in charge of big vision and relentless execution. He owns more suits and dress socks than anyone else in the building. In his spare time, jake enjoys running, skiing, and chasing kiddos around his living room.

Prior to founding Bitwise Industries in 2013, Jake was an intellectual property lawyer at a Fresno law firm. Jake graduated from Clovis High School, the University of North Carolina, and Western State College of Law.


Irma Olguin

Irma L. Olguin, Jr. | CTO

Irma is in charge of putting the right talented people in the right important spots. She loves pickles, pie, root beer, and her dog Bruce.

Prior to founding Bitwise Industries in 2013, Irma founded 59DaysOfCode, Hashtag Fresno, Edit LLC, and Overfundit. Irma earned her degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Toledo.


Michael Lindquist

Michael Lindquist | CFO

Executive leader with over 30 years of experience in financial services, technology and home building. Business transformation architect, risk assessment, internal control processing expert, and change management leader. Played essential role in development of SunAmerica, Inc., as one of the leading and fastest growing U.S. retirement financial services providers. 

Mario Soberal

Mario B. Soberal | Executive Director of Enterprise Technology

Mario leads Shift3's Enterprise Technology team. He brings more than 30 years of technology industry experience to Shift3, having spent most of his career leading large, international, and complex technology teams and projects for Fortune 500 companies. During his career, Mario has served in executive technology roles for Dell, Inc., Coventry Healthcare, AAA of Northern Californa, MBIA, WellPoint, and SunAmerica. Mario is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and graduate of Pepperdine University.

Fun Fact: Mario REALLY likes legos.



Miguel A. Alarcon | Director of Projects  

Miguel leads Shift3's Projects Team. He is a homegrown talent, having served in virtually every role at Bitwise Industries and Shift3 Technologies. Miguel is exceptional at executing on the vision of a project. His Team focuses on websites, web apps, and mobile apps. Miguel is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Fun Fact: Miguel has an entire closet, just for his shoes.



Greg D. Goforth | Director of Development  

Greg oversees software developer practices, tools, and education at Shift3. Greg's role is to ensure that Shift3 produces top flight technology solutions, while continuing to provide world-class education, improvement, and innovation opportunities for each member of our technical team. Prior to joining shift3, Greg was a Senior Software Developer at Decipher, Inc. Greg is also the co-founder of Pencil'Em. Greg is a graduate of Fresno State University.

Fun Fact: Greg has attended 23 Dave Matthews Band Concerts.



JP Prendergast

JP Prendergast | Business Development Manager 

It’s his job to go out into the world, find those problems, listen to the people that have them, make sure that he truly understands them and then take them back to the Shift3 team to solve them. 

Fun Fact: JP was on the TV Show “The West Wing” and blew his one line, “Sam, it’s time,” by accidentally saying “Sandwich Time.” Inexplicably, his character “Seaborn Aide #2” was not a recurring role after the incident.


Jordan Gustafson

Jordan Gustafson | Business Development Manager 

Jordan is a trusted liaison who bridges the gap between client needs and our solutions.

A native of Clovis, California, Jordan knew she had a knack for sales at a young age, and began her career working for the Fresno Grizzlies. A position with the New York Yankees led her to NYC, where she deepened her experience, launching new products and markets for LivingSocial, HowAboutWe, and Manicube.

Fun Fact: A tried and true SF Giants fan, Jordan has attended over 100 professional baseball games in a single season.