We Can Make Your ERP Work For Your Unique Process.

Manufacturing Software Designed Specifically For Your Needs.

The Shift3 delivery team has unrivaled expertise in manufacturing needs related to software and technology. We have decades of experience in manufacturing process and related software applications and have created millions of dollars of revenue growth and efficiencies for our customers. We offer a wide variety of manufacturing IT services around ERP, MRP, and CRM system integration, custom data display dashboards, integration of software systems, custom application development, IT consulting, and staffing.

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Meet Jordan. She digs machines that make stuff.

Don't be fooled by her smart wardrobe or polished nails, take Jordan on a production floor tour and, at some point, you'll see her elbow-deep in whatever sort of mess you make. She's not afraid to roll up her sleeves, learn your business, and solve a problem. It's kind of her job.  

Jordan Gustafson

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