Connect Underhoused & Homeless to Housing Services, While Collecting Data You Need.

Point In Time Mobile Application

Making the data that you collect about the underhoused and homeless immediately actionable


Close the Information-to-Action Loop

Give your staff and volunteers the tool they need to digitize and simplify your Point In Time Count through mobile technology. Improve the quality of your data by eliminating the time-consuming data entry and lag between PIT count completion to data summary. Our PIT Application has a user friendly, intuitive survey workflow and administrator capabilities for customization. Moreover, the entire tool is mobile-responsive so that it automatically optimizes for use on any device, including your smart phone. Additionally, the application will automatically capture GPS location coordinates and can be taken off-line, when service or wifi is not available, then will automatically upload to the PIT database when connectivity is restored.

Tablet with HousingConnect

Collect & Report Data
Build and administer custom surveys. Aggregate, analyze, and report data collected.

Tablet with Housing Connect

Take Action
Immediately match people to housing resources in your community.

The unsheltered point-in-time count is always a rush of excitement and nerves as we train hundreds of volunteers to hit the streets and collect data that will help our community determine the needs of our vulnerable homeless population. In previous years, the excitement was always muted by the cumbersome, time-consuming data entry that. Created a time-lag between point-in-time count completion and data summary. The point-in-time count mobile application helped alleviate this burden, simplifying data capture and export to allow for a deeper analysis using statistical software, GIS applications, and other tools.

Cassie Morgan, Fresno Housing Authority

Product Reviews

The mobile application was easy to use and allowed us to check and submit our data as we went, reducing hassle and infusion. Plus, it’s fun!

– Kristin Dobbin, Volunteer

​"​This point-in-time count was truly a success and we feel really good about the data quality and the efficiency of the collection process with the application.”

– Jody Ketcheside, Fresno Madera Continuum of Care Chair, Turning Point of Central California

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