Private Sector Industry Solutions


Software can’t grow, process, or ship food. But, software can help you grow, process, and ship food. Our team can help you understand the success or failure of an acre. We can build data dashboards that connect your well sensor to your soil probe to your accounting software to determine if you’re getting the most of the precious little water you have. We build software that helps you grow, process, and ship food better.


The business of helping sick people gets more complex by the day. Our team has deep subject matter expertise in healthcare technology. We can help you select and implement a new electronic medical record system (EMR), or build you a custom application that solves a specific problem for your hospital or practice while achieving strict HIPPA compliance. We help you build and integrate technology that meets your stringent regulatory and business requirements.


Okay, so you’ve implemented an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) that does 80% of what you need it to do. Now what? Enter Shift3. We build the custom software solutions that make your ERP meet the specific and unique needs of your manufacturing operation.


We work with financial institutions to build software that is both secure and efficient. In an era of seemingly daily security breaches at the highest levels of the financial industry, our team works tirelessly to protect you and your customers with custom software solutions. Our experience and expertise enable to serve you with both software development services and expert technology security consulting.


Technology companies grow and change quickly. Shift3 provides outsourced software development to augment your team during periods of rapid growth or change. Need a team of a dozen MEAN stack developers tonight? We can do that. Need thirty testers tomorrow morning? We’ve got you covered. To top it all off, 100% of your work will be completed by real humans--complete with names and phone numbers--in Fresno, California.

Small Business

Your business might be small, but you still need software to help you better connect with your customer and operate more efficiently. Shift3 can help you design and build a world-class website, equip your field team with an efficiency-creating mobile application, or even build that custom ordering application you’ve been dreaming of.


Shift3 Technologies’ Enterprise division is composed of a senior team with over a 100 years of experience in complex software delivery, systems integration and IT consulting.  We’re using that depth of knowledge to address needs in regulated industry such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, government and education.

We add massive value for our customers with custom software delivery and systems integration to improve operations, eliminate inefficiency, and deliver greater visibility and insight into their business processes.

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