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Public Health

Your job is to improve the health of families and communities. Our job is to build technology that empowers you to do more of that. We can help you collect, aggregate, and report data; administer complex programs across a region; educate your residents on how best to utilize your services; and much more.


We build software that helps you keep up as your caseloads, administrative duties, and reporting requirements increase. Our team works with courts around the country to identify and overcome their unique challenges. Software cannot replace the judicial process, but it can help judges and their administrative teams get back to it.


Teacher evaluations, student information systems, human resource information systems, standardized testing, parent engagement… Whether you’re running a classroom, a school site, a district, or a state education system, educating young people becomes more complicated each day. We build efficient software that gets you back to, well, educating.


We build technology that helps governments better serve their constituencies. How can a county open it’s data for public transparency, cross-department efficiencies, and to stimulate local innovation? How can a governmental agency better connect its services to intended constituents? How can technology attract new business to a city? We work with  you to answer these questions, design solutions, and help municipal, county, state, and federal governments fix real problems.


Shift3 Technologies’ Enterprise division is composed of a senior team with over a 100 years of experience in complex software delivery, systems integration and IT consulting.  We’re using that depth of knowledge to address needs in regulated industry such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, government and education.

We add massive value for our customers with custom software delivery and systems integration to improve operations, eliminate inefficiency, and deliver greater visibility and insight into their business processes.

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