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Shift3 Technologies delivers a broad spectrum of technology services through teams that are organized around subject matter and/or technology expertise. Our experienced delivery teams are well versed in IT delivery at Fortune 500 companies and local firms alike; we have unmatched experience in the Fresno area and around the world.

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Custom Software

Whether you've looked everywhere and can't find an off-the-shelf solution that fits, or have spent years developing a better way to do it, we can bring the solution that's trapped between your ears to life. We can build the software that solves your problem.



On average, you have 3.5 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor to your website. Why should that person buy from you? What makes you different? What's your story? We help the clients we serve communicate their value online. 


Custom Apps

We build mobile applications that expand the reach of your business. Our team is experienced in iOS, iPad, tvOS, and Android platforms. We believe that mobile applications represent more than just a different screen size, they represent a new use case. 



Your business isn't small anymore. Should you buy off-the-shelf or build custom software? Can your ERP integrate with Salesforce? We build scalable enterprise software that answers questions for your business.

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Need reasonably priced developers within 3 hours of your timezone that speak English? Shift3 has a large team of skilled developers is ready to add velocity to your development effort. 100-percent of our developers are located in Fresno, California.

Technical Expertise

Given that this isn't our first rodeo, we like to think that we've learned a thing or two. One of those lessons is the peril of being a generalists. Clients expect expertise. However, the nature of that expectation varies from client to client. 

To meet that expectation we built our development teams at Shift3 around two kinds of expertise: Subject Matter Expertise and Technical Expertise.

Our subject matter expert teams are organized around six specific industries: agriculture, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and government. Each team is captained by a leader with deep industry expertise. 

Our technical expert teams are organized around three types of technology: websites, web apps, and mobile apps. Each team lives and breaths its focus area. 

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