We Didn't Come Up With the Idea of a Custom Survey Builder, We Made it Easier.

Survey Builder

A feature-rich tool that enables even non-technical users to design and use custom surveys


Ask Questions Your Way

Our clients wanted to design and user custom surveys easily, so we built a tool that let them do just that. Whether you want to replace the paper form you're using for classroom observations, proctor exams electronically, poll employee mood, collect customer feedback, or query the needs of a neighborhood, Survey Builder empowers you build and use exactly the survey that you need. 

The genius of Survey Builder is its ease of use. Your team will be able to design custom surveys without any training at all. Moreover, the entire tool is mobile-responsive so that it automatically optimizes for use on any device, including your smart phone. 

Tablet Survey Builder

Create Surveys
Create robust surveys for your specific needs in only seconds.

Tablet with survey builder

Aggregate Data
Export data as .csv file for analysis, manipulation, or import to another system. Custom integration available.


"The app made it easier to focus on the information being given to me, rather than the process of administering the survey." 

--Scott Berry, Volunteer 

Product Information

Use Survey Builder to design custom surveys that collect the information you need. Survey builder has a rich set of features that allow users to easily design questions and surveys of all types. 

Survey Builder is mobile responsive for optimal use on any web-enabled device, including smart phones. Quickly and easily design custom surveys to collect exactly the data you need.


Some of Our Easy-to-Use Features

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number Response Questions 
  • Letter Response Questions
  • Free Form Response Questions
  • Nested Questions
  • Dependent Questions
  • Multi-Respondent Surveys
  • Terminating Questions

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