The issue of broken trust, whether justified or not, is the primary condition that any legitimate software development firm must seek to remedy. At Shift3 Technologies, we are on an absolute mission to build trust at every turn. Here are five ways this mission manifests itself to our clients:

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5 Ways

1. Empathy

Is this really a differentiator? No. It is THE differentiator! Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”... [Read more]

2. Striving for Excellence

It’s true that forecasting accurate, upfront expectations around projected cost, timeline and level of effort is nuanced and can be quite difficult (although far from impossible). Many firms do not do this well...  [Read more]

3. Client-centric Communication Processes 

Proactive and transparent communication is a major key to the success of any software project as it progresses. All firms ‘communicate’ but...  [Read more]

4. A Winning Model 

The operating model around which a software dev firm is organized is a fixed reality but is a major determinant of the quality, speed, and cost of their work. We have...  [Read more]

5. Integrity 

Our promise is to always seek to do the right thing in every situation. We commit to...  [Read more]

If you want to believe that the practices and the outcomes produced by the software development industry can be better, then we’d really love to hear from you because we’re doing our darndest to live out that belief in everything we do.

Have a potential project? We’d love to become your trusted partner. Just want to connect? That’s great, too!

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