When & How Manufacturers Scale from Custom to Full CRM

Manufacturers have a tendency to hold onto legacy systems that are siloed and often cost more money to maintain than one, integrated system. Making gradual transitions to Salesforce removes the kinks of having large operational overhauls and learning new processes quickly.
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Lost your job? Here’s How to Find Openings, Resources in California During Coronavirus Crisis

Powered by Shift3 Technologies and Salesforce, OnwardCA.org was developed to serve as a one-stop repository of information and resources for workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Customized Technology Can Assist Smaller Farms to Sustain Their Operations

Customized technology in areas like irrigation and soil mapping can decrease wasted resources and streamline time-consuming, complex operations. Shift3 explores the areas in which custom technology is being used in today’s Ag industry.

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Should Smaller Farms Go ‘All In’ on Custom Tech and If So, How?

Many farmers are leaning into the digital transformation by utilizing custom technologies to fix such problems as machinery operation, computer vision and data analytics. Shift3 explores the benefits of using custom tech in today’s Ag industry.

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Salesforce Community Comes Together in Fresno for First CenCal Dreamin’ Event

Energy filled the inside of Bitwise South Stadium as those in the technology industry shared ideas at CenCal Dreamin’. The event, hosted by Shift3, brought the community of Salesforce users together.

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Shift3 Technologies Brings First Salesforce Community Event to Central California, CenCal Dreamin’

Shift3 Technologies brings CenCal Dreamin’, the first ever Salesforce community event in Central California, to Downtown Fresno on January 23.

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