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We write a lot about the spectacular, essential professional services that Shift3 Technologies (Shift3) provides—from web and mobile apps to Salesforce implementation. What we do truly helps businesses thrive and business owners bear witness to their own digital transformation. (We love this; we’ll never stop doing this.)

What we don’t often write about is what makes up the core of Shift3. The people. The corporate culture. The genuine concern for team member well-being. What really makes Shift3, well Shift3. We want to take a moment to really showcase that here.

The Constant Crusade

We frequently call what we do at Shift3 a crusade. A crusade to help make the world a better place through technology. This starts with our staff, which reflects the makeup of the communities we serve. We deliberately recruit and hire from populations traditionally overlooked by the technology industry. Shift3’s employees are 45% minority, 31% women and 20% first-generation immigrant.

Additionally, our corporate culture is molded under the philosophy that our company is about humans. Humans of all makes and models. Colors and creeds. Genders and orientations. Brilliance and fallibility. If we were to encapsulate our underlying mantra in one line, it would be, “Nobody belongs here more than you.

We truly strive to mold our workforce after the faces that make up our Central Valley demographics where the company is headquartered.

Shift3’s Sense of Purpose

Shift3 team members know they’re demonstrating to the rest of the technology industry that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords, we can and do make businesses better.

Every piece of software we create, every app that moves the needle for a business, or every Salesforce challenge we solve defines the expectations of an entire industry. Fresno, Merced and Bakersfield are not places that are supposed to create world-class software and the employees of Shift3 don’t look like the people that traditionally work in tech. This underdog spirit gives our team a sense of purpose and motivates us to go above and beyond for our clients.

Making an Impact

Many of our software developers hold multiple degrees in various fields, such as literature and social work, but many chose to work for Shift3 due to the significant social impact our software fosters.

We’ve built enterprise software solutions to help veterans in need of finding resources; from rehab services to mental health resources, our software is creating a pathway to that help. We’ve also built mobile apps to help victims of human trafficking, giving them a mobile escape hatch should they need immediate help or extraction from a situation. And we’ve built large-scale solutions for school districts, so they can streamline their workflows to better serve their staff and students. Garnering a positive impact in the lives of others isn’t only something we practice within our company, it’s something we practice in the software we build and the clients we attract.

A Culture of Caring

One of the ways in which we measure our culture-building efforts is purely displayed in how many employees come to our company due to referrals from our employees themselves. Currently, 90% of our new hires come in as referrals via existing employees. Our current employees want their families, friends and colleagues to also work for this amazing company.

Part of the way we build on our culture of “being human” is addressing that not everyone experiences smooth sailing when it comes to mental health and wellness. On several occasions, our leadership has voiced their personal struggles with mental health, such as managing and experiencing anxiety or depression. By opening up this dialogue with the team, our company is systematically peeling away at the stigma surrounding mental illnesses or struggles with them. Our company also offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is a supplemental mental wellness program that assists employees with life’s daily challenges that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being.

Bountiful Bonuses

Many elements of our corporate culture positively contribute to the holistic well-being for Shift3 team members. Those additional benefits come in the form of a monthly game of “FortNerf,” where our team members have full-scale Nerf battles spanning three floors of our 50,000-square-foot building once a month for five hours. We also host regular company-wide events, such as “Waffle Wednesday” or “Community Lunch,” where colleagues can enjoy a free group lunch or a delicious waffle to get over that mid-week hump.

As if that weren’t enough, we have a tricked-out Meditation Room (feat. calming music, aromatherapy and wispy accoutrements) for winding down or taking a breather … and our entire company is pet-friendly. At any given time, you’ll be greeted by a furry friend in the halls or in a colleague’s office. Pet therapy in the workplace is a huge stress reducer according to this study published by Virginia Commonwealth University. And even without this study, we’d do it anyway because—come on—DOGS. (Need we say more?)

Constantly Evolving

Our progressive and people-oriented corporate culture didn’t grow overnight; it took conversations with team members, growing pains, and full transparency feedback going both up the ladder and down. We’re remarkably lucky to have an environment such as this to work and grow. Our company truly cares about the lives and faces behind the project management, software development, marketing and leadership. By helping us be at our tip-top mentally, our work and performance for our clients is at its tip-top.

Give Us a Holla!

Want to hear more about Shift3 Technologies? Whether you have a question about our software solutions or want to join our crusade, give us a call at 559 560 3300 or email us at

This post was written by Celeste A. Barron, Content Development Manager. Her favorite food and band is Cake.

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