CourtConnect is a software solution that aids in reducing incarceration and recidivism by connecting criminal defendants to the right diversion program at the right time.
The Problem

With limited resources and packed dockets, it can become impossible to connect pretrial criminal defendants to diversion. Is the individual eligible? Does the program have space? What sort of outcomes is this program delivering? Unfortunately, these questions can go unanswered even after spending hours calling providers on the telephone. Too often, we are forced to choose incarceration over treatment.

The Solution

CourtConnect empowers judges, probation officers, and attorneys to match individuals to programs based on individual eligibility and program capacity. Court users can view provider criteria and availability. CourtConnect’s feature set includes real time visibility into provider information, a robust provider portal, real time reporting and analytics, a CRM for tracking, and linkages through mapping and routing.

CourtConnect is a highly configurable, web-based software solution that connects the people you serve to the resources they need in real time


  • Utilizing Technology to Reduce Recidivism
  • Connecting Court Offices to Providers
  • Realtime Visibility to Resource Availability
  • CRM, Mapping and Routing
  • Realtime Reporting and Analytics

CourtConnect Responsive software

By The Numbers

  • 700% More Inmates than 1970’s
  • 55k Single Inmate Annual Cost
  • 7.7b Correctional Healthcare Cost
  • 100% Made in California Software

“It not only shows available beds in residential treatment, but also information on existing outpatient treatment programs within a given geographic area. We also can print out a map with driving, walking or transit directions”

Judge Hilary A. Chittick Superior Court of Fresno County

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