Method to our Wonderful Madness

Bottomline, we build quality custom software products fast at Shift3 Technologies.We aspire to remove all frustration associated with slow product development and give you an entirely fresh perspective of the typical agile software development approach. We call our approach the Shift3 Six.

The Shift3 Six provides a detailed roadmap that navigates our clients through a clear vision, aggressive planning, implementation and finalization.

Divided into two major phases, the first three steps we strategize, communicate and plan. The second phase we execute, develop and complete. Our secret sauce is agile expediency. Our brilliant point team of project managers, developers, designers, strategic planners and overseers make sure that your project is delivered on time and on budget.

We’ve spent a lot of time calibrating the Shift3 Six so our clients receive an awe-inspiring product that helps them create meaningful social impact in their world.

We’re located at the nerve center of the techhub Bitwise Industries, where we enlist the talent we need from a veritable ocean of developers, planners, project managers and testers. We’re never short of brilliant talent to get us from execution to completion.

A Glimpse into the Shift3 Methodology