The KareConnex Dashboard gives users a 360-degree view of the patient’s history and their entire care plan. This program considers the holistic approach to treatment and a path to overall wellness.
The Problem

As public healthcare professionals, there are several different layers to consider when reviewing, recommending and implementing whole-person care. Do you have a bigger snapshot of a person’s healthcare history? Do they require a specialist in behavioral health or social services? Is there a waitlist? Imagine having real-time access to provider availability, enabling you to find appropriate programs, services or resources to help more people attain overall wellness.

The Solution

KareConnex provides the tools for care coordinators, specialists and medical professionals to provide management and facilitation within the Continuum of Care effectively.

This highly configurable software program allows care coordinators access to a 360-degree view of a patient’s records, treatment plans and reports. Additionally, this software serves as a referral processing system that streamlines communication to medical, behavioral and social service providers.

This easy-to-use, single-touch platform provides users a comprehensive online overview of every patient with the utmost speed and accuracy – allowing greater depth into total overall care.


  • Utilizing Technology to Increase Overall Wellness
  • Connecting Public Health Organizations to Providers
  • Get Visibility to Resource Availability
  • CRM, Mapping and Routing
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics

KareConnex Screenshot


How it Works

Step 1 - Intake Form

Step 1: Intake

Your intake, your way. Collect valuable data based on your needs.

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number Response Questions
  • Letter Response Questions
  • Nested Questions
  • Dependent Questions
  • Multi-respondent Surveys
  • Terminating Questions
  • Free-form Response Questions
  • Eligibility Documents
Step 2 - Store Data

Step 2: Store Data

Enable external stakeholders to share meaningful data that is sortable and reportable. By sending data to a central data store, we create a source of truth that exists independent of individual ecosystems.

Step 3 - Link to Services

Step 3: Link Needs to Services

  • Filter real-time data to find pertinent providers and availability for an individual’s needs.
  • View availability and reserve, while matching needs and eligibility.  
  • Digest the results using KareConnex’s map or list view.
  • Empower providers with a customizable profile where each can update their critical information and capacity.
Step 6 - Reporting

Step 6: Reporting

Track the right data in a repeatable, measurable and reportable manner. Discover empirical improvements by reporting on data analytics collected through KareConnex.

  • Track and Measure
  • Appointments
  • Specialty Programs
  • Comprehensive Patient History
  • Referral History


Step 5 - Tracking Through CRM

Step 5: CRM

  • User-level information tracking through the continuum of care
  • Track progress on multi-step action plans
  • Access a 360-degree view of overall treatment plan
Step 4 - Communications

Step 4: Communication

  • Find out the status of your referral in real time
  • Discover if progress was made in a speciality program
  • Close the communication loop between the agencies, service providers and individuals

KareConnex Dashboard

  • Customize Patient Assessments and Surveys
  • Create and Monitor Care Plans
  • Locate and Refer to Providers
  • Manage Provider Information
  • Monitor Waitlists and Availabilities
  • Track Documentation and Reports

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