About Us

Why Shift3?

Shift3 Technologies exists to empower our clients with technology that creates meaningful social impact in their world. Our clients utilize Shift3’s passion expertise in custom software development to create solutions that bring positive change. Join us in our crusade to make the world a better place through technology.

The various applications we help develop, provide our clients with software that literally:

  • Brings families together
  • Creates a path to productive citizenship
  • Helps families with one of their largest investments
  • Creates positive lasting memories
  • Keeps people from being late
  • Reduces errors in health claims
  • Provides shelter and services to the homeless
  • Helps people get on the path to holistic wellness
  • Provides resources for those struggling with addiction
  • Saves lives

Although social impact looks different to different organizations, we want to help you leverage technology to make your impact.

If social responsibility is a quality you look for in a technology partner, you’ve found a perfect fit with Shift3 Technologies.