MongoDB Partnership

We could probably list fifty reasons we leverage the technology of mongoDB, but only one reason matters. Simply put, mongoDB is the quintessential NoSQL database Shift3 uses for project flexibility, scalability and performance.By using mongoDB, we’re able to deploy large mission-critical applications in a swift and agile manner. Truly, it’s a win for our clients and a win for us. MongoDB gives us the tools to be better at what we do. If you’re looking to go mongoDB, we can help.

Custom Software with MongoDB

Custom Software + mongoDB = A Perfect Match

When it comes to custom software development, mongoDB is a champion. Incorporating mongoDB enables us to help maximize your competitive advantage, reduce risk for software deployments, accelerate time-to-value and lower the total cost of ownership.

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Website Design with MongoDB
Website Design + mongoDB = Robust CMS

MongoDB is an ideal fit for powering content management systems (CMS) when designing websites from the ground up. Whether your CMS is designed for e-commerce or publishing content, mongoDB can house a variety of different types of data; store and incorporate multimedia, tweets, comments and more.

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Mobile App Development with MongoDB

Mobile App Development + mongoDB = Crazy Scalability and Integrated Features

One of the bigger challenges with building custom mobile applications has been scalability. mongoDB changes the game with multi-datacenter scalability. This remarkable system can be scaled within and across geographically distributed data centers with remarkable consistency. Integrated features include analytics and data visualization, text search, graph processing, geospatial, in-memory performance and global replication.

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System Upgrade with MongoDB

System Upgrades + mongoDB = Supercharged Upgrade

System upgrades come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to update your existing architecture or expand your data center, mongoDB can easily be integrated to give your infrastructure a turbocharge. Additionally, mongoDB is one of the easier NoSQL databases to set up and manage, so there’s very little skillset ramp-up for developers with heavy SQL expertise.

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Staffing People for Mongo DB

Staff Augmentation + mongoDB = We can help out

Need some help migrating mongoDB into your existing infrastructure or application? We can help out. Whether your current in-house developers need assistance or if you need some extra bodies as pinch hitters, Shift3 can bring you the help to get mongoDB fully implemented.

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System Integration

System Integration + mongoDB = Seamlessness

MongoDB understands that databases are just one element within an application infrastructure. In fact, they need to meld seamlessly into the overall IT picture. Today’s entities need a database that can be secured, monitored and automated – all while being integrated with their existing technology infrastructure, processes and staff, including operations teams, DBAs and data analysts. By implementing mongoDB, we can help make this happen.

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