This easy-to-use PIT mobile application enables users to collect, manage and analyze accurate PIT data by eliminating paper and clipboard, as well as drastically reducing the lag time between data collection, entry and analysis.
The Problem

Administering a successful Point-In-Time count can pose several challenges before arriving at a calculated final analysis. Do the volunteers have enough paper forms? Will a reduction in staff or volunteers impact data accuracy? How much time will it take to input data? All too often, organizations spend more time on execution rather than final summation and analysis.

The Solution

PointInTime is our configurable PIT mobile survey tool that eliminates the use of manual forms, reduces the incidence of human error and optimizes your PIT data.

We’re familiar with the challenges a Point-In-Time count can produce. From paper form mishandling to illegible writing, human error can at times increase the chances of an incorrect overall analysis.

This easy-to-use mobile application can be used on most smart devices with or without internet access, making it easier for you to complete your survey questioning and reduce time in the field.  

Eliminate Paper & Distribute Faster

Eliminate Paper & Distribute Faster

Phase out cumbersome paper forms. Convert your survey to a quickly downloadable interactive mobile application.

Reduce Time, Streamline Your Workflow

Reduce Time & Streamline Your Workflow

Eliminate hours of error-prone, time-consuming, manual data entry. Have more time to analyze, rather than input.

Easy to Use Survey & No Handwriting

Easy-to-Use Survey & No Handwriting

Mobilize your volunteer workforce with an intuitive, point-and-click survey while getting rid of illegible handwriting.

Get Accurate Geo-locations at All Times

Get Accurate Geo-locations at All Times

No internet? No problem. Our application will track where the survey was taken, with or without internet access.

More Features

  • Configurable workflow
  • Multiple choice and free form questions
  • Number and letter response questions
  • Nested and dependent questions
  • Multi-respondent surveys
  • Terminating questions
  • Easy exporting


Cassie Morgan

In previous years, our excitement was always muted by the cumbersome, time-consuming data entry that created a time lag between Point-In-Time count completion and data summary. The Point-In-Time count mobile application helped alleviate this burden, simplifying data capture and export to allow for a deeper analysis using statistical software, GIS applications and other tools.

Cassie MorganFresno Housing Authority

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