When Salesforce introduced Lightning back in 2015, they wanted to ease admins and users into the updated interface incrementally. Now that it’s 2020 and the official update has passed us by, there’s no telling when Salesforce will decide to stop supporting Salesforce Classic. That said, if your organization is still using Classic, there’s no better time than now to make that conversion happen. Our small army of certified consultants, admins and developers are ready to take on your conversion tactfully and efficiently, all while your business continues to work without a hitch.

Our comprehensive Lighting Conversion services include development, implementation, integration and migration for businesses converting their existing org to the Lightning platform, as well as implementation and deployment of the new Lighting experience into their organizations. Our seamless migration process includes business-focused training as we work with you to meet your enterprise-level end goals.

The Benefits of LightningConversion

Salesforce Lightning is truly the next generation of Salesforce. It's quite a leap forward for your business in terms of usability, functionality and speed for every type of user, including admins, developers and executives. The intuitive and intelligent interface means your admins can spend less time managing their orgs—and not the other way around.  

Salesforce Lightning delivers out-of-the-box tools and services to automate your business processes, provides responsive layouts, integrates with external applications and enables your admins and users to take advantage of the new, streamlined interface. 

Ultimately, converting to Lightning will help your org be future-ready, give your users a competitive edge with new features, and will help your org build smarter workflows and apps.


The Lightning platform boasts a brand new programming framework called Salesforce Lightning Design System or SLDS (pronounced ‘salads’), which allows admins and users to build applications with minimal knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript. This open-source design system is flexible, scalable, accessible, living and platform agnostic; this allows admins and devs to create the best enterprise app experience for all users. We would also be remiss not to mention the benefit of Lightning Web Components, which are lightweight and flexible development frameworks—and only available in Lightning.


Some organizations may need to migrate data from an existing legacy system into a new or existing Salesforce environment as part of your Lightning conversion. Our team provides a painless and user-friendly way of cleansing, organizing and de-duplicating your data, making it more manageable and accessible. We can help you navigate a migration to Lightning through innovative application architecture, strategic platform integrations, and the leveraging of Lightning-specific functionality.

Better Adoption

If you’re purposeful about collecting specific user requirements and including them in your Lightning roll out, you can use this conversion opportunity as an excuse to reintroduce Salesforce to your executives and users in a format that is conducive to their day-to-day workflows. The result will be better adoption for new and existing users, thus more accurate reporting all around. In most cases this presents an opportunity to reexamine sales cycles and workflows to see what works best.

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