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Staff Augmentation

Being a custom development firm gives us first-hand knowledge on what it takes to get a product to market; having expert development talent, project managers, UX/UI designers and QA masters is only the first step. The second step is versatility and ability to scale when the project or timeline calls for it. Staff Augmentation is the perfect solution to short-term (or long-term) staffing gaps to give you the boost you need to complete a project in a pinch. 

Need a few extra developers well-versed in Angular? No problem. Need a project manager to help your existing development project stay on task and budget? We have just the project manager for you. At Shift3, we have a knack for providing top tech talent to meet the needs of our clients, whether they’re a Fortune 500 firm or a local, medium-sized development shop. 

Our Staff Augmentation services will allow you to scale your business fast to maintain elasticity, give you access to an incredibly talented, versatile pool of tech talent and gives you the ability to hire on-the-go with no long-term commitment.

The Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Making the call to outsource technology talent is a big decision, but in the long run—a smart one. If you have a short-term project that requires four extra JavaScript developers, why hire four new, full-time employees for such a short timeframe? Outsourcing will help you keep your costs and liability on the lower end—and when the project is completed, so is their role on your team. Staff augmentation gives you the ability to be flexible to start and end contract work with no further commitment. And not to brag, but our talent pool is pretty damn extensive in almost any platform and technology language. 

Decreased Costs

Managing a development collective requires agility in labor management and allocation of resources. Staff augmentation will give you the ability to reduce business costs and increase profitability by decreasing overhead costs (such as benefits and taxes) associated with maintaining full-time, in-house employees. Moreover, by contracting with highly skilled professionals, you’ll decrease hours and dollars spent on training, which accelerates onboarding and development.


Contracting tech talent allows your company to be flexible by allowing managers to expeditiously terminate contracts in the event of a budget shortfall; this is especially important because adaptability is paramount in today's workplace. By contracting specialized talent though Shift3, you can expand your in-house team when project timelines require a larger workforce. This flexibility allows you to respond faster to changes in the market and take advantage of opportunities for growth.

Talent Pool

Staff Augmentation also gives you access to very distinct skill sets on demand. If your business requires contracted talent in a specific platform or technology language, we go through a stringent process to make sure the candidate we choose is ideal for the specifications you require. Moreover, the talent you evaluate and approve is also non-biased and highly focused; they’re goal—and ours—is to ensure your success on that specific project.

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