Web Apps

We Make Software Do the Things You Wish it Did.

Too often, software gets built to meet the needs of the lowest common denominator. As a result, you, the user, have software that does 60-percent of what you need it to do and spend most of your time cursing the fact that it doesn’t do a bit of good on the other 40-percent of your needs.

We Build world-class software to improve your business

  • Scale on Demand
  • New Application Development
  • App Integration & Customization
  • Legacy App Migration & Enhancement
  • App Support & Improvement
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
Shift3 throws out the manual and builds custom software that is specifically suited to meet your needs. Whether it takes the form of an invoicing application, ordering tool, data dashboard, or financial forecasting software, we design, build, and deploy custom software to your unique specification.