Shift3 Story

Exceptional Talent Creates Exceptional Technology

Shift3 began with technologists hellbent on expanding the budding technology movement in our community to provide jobs, support livelihoods and create some kick-ass software in Fresno, California—a city considered broken and far removed from technology hubs like Silicon Valley and Seattle. 

One could say we started a crusade of sorts. This two-pronged crusade aimed to 1) help make the world a better place through technology and 2) build technology using exceptional talent from populations traditionally overlooked by the technology industry. Currently, our staff reflects the makeup of the communities in which we have offices. Shift3’s employees are 51% minority, 40% non-male and 20% first-generation immigrant.

Additionally, our corporate culture is molded under the philosophy that our company is about humans. Humans of all makes and models. Colors and creeds. Genders and orientations. Brilliance and fallibility. If we were to encapsulate our underlying mantra in one line, it would be, “Nobody belongs here more than you.

Shift3 team members are proud to demonstrate to the rest of the technology industry that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords, we can and do make businesses better.

Every piece of software we create, every app that moves the needle for a business, or every Salesforce challenge we solve defines the expectations of an entire industry. The employees of Shift3 don’t look like the people that traditionally work in tech—and our workforce isn’t located solely in Silicon Valley. You’ll also find us in California, Oregon, Florida, Idaho and Arizona. This underdog spirit gives our team a sense of purpose and motivates us to go above and beyond for our clients.

We Speak Business & Technology

Bilingual in both business and technology, Shift3 is a Software-as-a-Development shop that combines high-business acumen, deep technical expertise and an innovative operating model that enables us to deliver world-class software nationwide.

Our tech team leads have owned and operated their own successful enterprises and fully understand your business and its complexities; this is why we have helped hundreds of clients successfully deploy our proven mobile and web app strategies to grow their businesses.

The Social Conscience of Shift3







We’re Going Places

Although our headquarters are located in Fresno, California, Shift3 has team members all over the nation. We also have various Shift3 locations outside of HQ where we plan, work and play. Here are a few of our current spots.


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2721 Ventura St. Fresno, CA



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